Sign up for the Synergy Mealz Box and receive a monthly subscription box of our Keto & Paleo snacks.

We have partnered up with awesome brands to give you the best Keto and Paleo snacks!


Having better snack choices leads to a high success rate in your health and fitness goals. Keto & Paleo are great low carb eating strategies to accomplish any health and fitness goals. We have created the PERFECT synergy between the two, to provide healthy snacks that fall into both diet guidelines. Whether you are living a Keto or a Paleo lifestyle or enjoying the synergy of both. This is the perfect monthly subscription box to curb your appetite in between meals without feeling guilty. 

How It Works


What is the Synergy Mealz Box?

The Synergy Mealz Box is a monthly subscription box delivering strict Keto & Paleo guideline snacks. Every product is Keto & Paleo approved. Certified delicious and nutritious.

What is in the Synergy Mealz Box?

The Synergy Mealz Box consists of:

5 Lemon Matcha Dang Bars

5 Almond Vanilla Dang Bars

5 Chocolate Sea Salt Dang Bars

5 Original Flavoured Chomp Sticks

5 F-Bomb Salted Chocolate Macadamia Nut Butters

2 Lemon Lime Electrolyte Hydration Tubes (10 Tabs each)

When will I receive my Synergy Mealz Box?

Synergy Mealz Boxes will be shipped on the 10th of every month for any orders placed the previous month. You should receive your order by the 15th of each month.

What is the Synergy Mealz Box cancellation policy?

You will definitely miss out on deliciously healthy snacks, but you can cancel your monthly subscription absolutely anytime. If you choose to do so you can contact the Synergy Mealz support team or log into your subscription customer portal provided to you once a product has been ordered. Synergy Mealz Box Subscriptions: Synergy Mealz boxes are billed and shipped monthly. Synergy Mealz Boxes are billed on the 1st of each month and shipped by the 10th to be received by the 15th. If you cancel before the 1st of the month, you will not be billed or receive your Synergy Mealz Box. If you cancel after the 1st, that will be your last box for the month. Lastly, Synergy Mealz Boxes are NON-REFUNDABLE or NON-EXCHANGEABLE. A 3-day notice will be emailed to you prior to being billed.

How does Synergy Mealz Month-to-Month Subscription work?

A month-to-month subscription simply means you will be receiving one Synergy Mealz Box every month until you opt out and cancel the subscription. You will be charged on the 1st of the month until cancellation of your subscription.

Will my Synergy Mealz subscription auto-renew?

Yes, it most definitely will. It will automatically renew until you cancel. This means you do not have to continue to input any information again, just wait for your delivery!

Will I be able to return or exchange a Synergy Mealz Box?

All Synergy Mealz Boxes are non-refundable or exchangeable. If you have come across any issues with your Synergy Mealz Box please contact us at


Where does Synergy Mealz ship to?

We only currently ship to the United States (lower 48). At this time we do not ship to Internationally or to Hawaii or Alaska.

Does shipping cost anything?

Absolutely nothing. Free shipping on all Month-to-Month orders.

When will my Synergy Mealz Box arrive to me?

Synergy Mealz Boxes will ship on the 10th of every month. Your Synergy Mealz Box will arrive to you within 3-5 business days.

How can I update my subscription address?

Email us anytime at and we can help you through this process. You can also go through your customer portal through recharge.


How do I update my credit card payment information?

Login into your customer portal on your recharge account and you can update that information there.

How does Synergy Mealz billing work?

Synergy Mealz bills its customers on a recurring basis. Upon signing up for your first Synergy Mealz Box, you will be charged the first of the following month. Your box will then ship on the 10th of that month. You can cancel your subscription anytime before the 1st for a full refund. No questions. Your subscription will auto renew at the same price at every month.